3 Benefits of Blown in Insulation

Blown in insulation is one of the most popular insulations on the market today. Whether you live in a farmhouse-style home out in the countryside or on the top floor of a downtown apartment complex, you very well may have blown in insulation in your home.

Made popular in home insulation services in the 1970s, blown in insulation has been a go-to insulation choice for homeowners of all needs and backgrounds. But what is it that makes this insulation so preferable? Well, in this month’s blog post, we’re discussing 3 benefits of blown in insulation.

1. Blown in Insulation Fits Easily into Existing Walls

For many, the defining characteristic of blown in insulation is, well, that fact that it’s blown into place. Unlike something like spray foam insulation, which requires a specialized device to apply a chemical solution directly to a surface, blown in insulation is applied using simple blower and hose technology that’s fairly straightforward.

The benefit to using this blower and hose combination is that it can be used in hard-to-reach places, such as between wall studs and ceiling joists. For other insulation solutions, you’d need to tear down drywall and existing architecture in order to get to work. But with blown in insulation, professionals have much more leeway

2. It Can Last for a Surprising Amount of Time

Because blown in insulation can use a variety of materials as insulation, you have flexibility to choose some surprisingly long-lasting solutions. Rock wool, for instance, is one of the most popular choices for this style of insulating, and can last for up to 100 years with minimal maintenance or oversight. Or, if fiberglass is more your style, blown-in fiberglass can last for approximately as long with infrequent inspections every 15 years or so.

3. Blown in Insulation Can Be Vacuumed Out for Easy Removal

For many, one of the most compelling reasons to choose blown in insulation is because of how easy it is to remove. Where other insulations can be pretty difficult to remove, blown in insulation simply needs to be vacuumed up in order to remove it. As a result, this insulation is preferred for people who may be considering switching to a different insulation in the future or in case they do any home remodeling.

Are you looking for effective, long-lasting insulation solutions for your home or office? If so, then blown in insulation may be the perfect choice for you. Click here to contact us and schedule your insulation services today!