Blown-In Insulation Helps Homeowners Stay Environmentally Focused

When homeowners want to insulate their home with materials that allow them to stay environmentally friendly, they know they can count on the blow-in insulation services that Spartan Insulation & Coating has to offer. When it comes to any amount of work on your house, it can sometimes be difficult to find materials that are environmentally friendly, or ones that have a low environmental impact. So, whenever these materials, like blown-in insulation, are available, it’s important to take advantage of them.

The material that Spartan Insulation & Coating uses for its blown-in insulation services is Nu-Wool® cellulose. This material, along with the insulation expertise of our team, will help your home get on the right track toward better insulation, all without making a huge environmental impact.

Nu-Wool® makes the difference

The Nu-Wool® brand of cellulose insulation that Spartan Insulation & Coating utilizes for blown-in insulation makes the difference on the environmental impact that insulation in your home has. Nu-Wool® is made of 85% recycled paper, which makes it one of the least impactful materials available on the market for insulation. Although fiberglass insulation can be an often-cheaper method of insulation, it doesn’t offer the same eco-conscious benefits of blown-in insulation with Nu-Wool® cellulose.

Spartan Insulation & Coating knows that some of our customers prefer to be eco-friendly with their home whenever possible, so we offer Nu-Wool® as a great option for this.

Don’t miss out on benefits

Not only is Nu-Wool® a great option for the environmentally conscious, but it also still provides great protection for the home. The cellulose insulation that Spartan Insulation & Coating provides has a high R-Value of 3.9 per inch of material. So, the blown-in insulation services that we provide can give multiple inches of this to more than meet standard insulation levels. And, because blown-in insulation reaches areas that fiberglass insulation might not be able to, it provides a superior insulation experience.

This insulation level serves to provide noise insulation between rooms and the outside, contain or keep out heat, and more, all while staying environmentally friendly.

Blown-in insulation from Spartan Insulation & Coating provides homeowners with the excellent insulation services that they need for insulating their home, all without contributing to environmental problems. If our Nu-Wool® cellulose insulation sounds like something that you would be interested in for your home, reach out and contact our team today!