DIY Residential Insulation Techniques for Kalamazoo Winters

The greater Kalamazoo area is known for many great qualities during the winter months; unfortunately, though, warm temperatures aren’t one of them.

With the winter here in full swing, it may be time to reflect on how warm your home is staying and whether your energy bill has increased or decreased. Heat has a way of sneaking out of your home in places you’d never even think about, which is why you may find yourself suddenly cold at home or facing a shockingly high electric bill. Here at Spartan Insulation, we believe that everyone deserves a warm home in even the coldest Kalamazoo nights, which is why we’re taking this month’s blog post to discuss ways you can keep your home insulated this winter.

Essential DIY Residential Insulation Techniques

All homeowners should have an elemental knowledge of simple residential insulation for insulating both in a pinch and on a budget.

In general, homeowners should be aware of 3 main areas where heat is lost in the home:

  1. Windowed Areas
  2. Doorways
  3. Chimneys

If your home were a bucket of water, these would be the places where cracks would be most likely to form. The good news, though, is that insulating them doesn’t have to be time-consuming nor cost-prohibitive. That’s why we recommend:

Door Snakes. Door snakes are a great way to reduce drafts from your door. Door snakes are insulated tubes that are placed at the bottom of your doorway to prevent heat exchange from your home and the outdoors. They can be purchased for as little as $10, or made at home with a couple pairs of socks and some cotton.

Window Film. A fantastic method of residential insulation is the application of window film. By applying a window film, you can quickly prevent any air exchange between the outside cold and your warm home.

Blackout Curtains. Blackout curtains are great for residential insulation because their light-stopping design also equips them with a heightened R-value, stopping the cold at your windowsill.

Chimney Stoppers. Chimney stoppers (as well as chimney balloons) are tools solely designed to seal off your chimney at a moment’s notice, preventing all air exchange and keeping your home nice and toasty.

Want More Residential Insulation Done? Contact the Pros.

Residential insulation is an art unto itself, and we’ve only covered some of the basics here today. If you want more advanced, long-lasting residential insulation services, then calling the pros in is likely your best and most cost-effective option. Contact our team at Spartan Insulation today to keep warmth where it should be: in your home.