Spray Foam Insulation Vs. Fiberglass Insulation: Kalamazoo Insulation Services

We live in a time of options. More than ever, the creators and businesses of our world are striving to provide consumers with as many options as possible; whichever restaurant you dine at, streaming service you use, or app you download on your phone, you’re selecting from a range of choices so large, it’s beginning to become overwhelming.

At Spartan Insulation and Coating, we believe that the best way to chose whichever option is best for you is to stay informed. That’s why, in today’s blog post, we’ll be detailing two of our most contracted forms of work: spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation, possibly the most popular form of insulation, is quick, reliable, and sealing. When you choose to pursue the spray foam insulation route with us at Spartan, you’ll find that our formula halts air and moisture infiltration, adds to the integrity of the structure of your building, and protects against dust and pollen (for those who suffer from allergies). What’s spectacular about spray foam is that, unlike other forms of insulation, it actually manages to create a seal wherever you have it applied. While insulation such as fiberglass is stapled in place or stuffed between studs to insulate (which leaves room for points of entry), spray foam insulation meshes as it’s applied and then hardens, making it about as close to air-tight as insulation gets (unless you work for NASA!).

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

If you’re trying to insulate hard to reach or complex spaces, spray foam might not be the right approach for you.  Trying to insulate in spaces where you don’t want to pull apart boards or remove parts of your home to spray SPF foam means that fiberglass may be your best course of action. Fiberglass insulation can be lain, cut, stapled, or even stuffed in those tricky areas of your home that need to be insulated from the elements. Additionally, fiberglass insulation is cheap to purchase and exceptionally easy to install, saving on labor costs. If you require a quick, easy, cost effective solution to your insulation problems, then fiberglass is doubtlessly the way to go.

Are you interested in exploring either spray foam insulation or fiberglass insulation as a means of keeping your home or office warm in the winter and cool in the summer? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us today. When it comes to insulation services for your home, you deserve options; here at Mattawan’s Spartan Insulation, we believe in giving it to you.